Join Our… “Wine Thief” Club

  • What is a wine thief, you ask? A wine thief is the instrument (similar to a turkey baster) that allows the winemaker to extract wine from the barrels for sampling during aging.

What is the “Wine Thief” Club? In addition to barrel tastings at the winery and invitations to special promotions and winery events…

Members receive:

  • Great discounts – 20% discount on all wine purchases (starts as soon as you join!)
  • Two bottles shipped to your home four times per year, or pick up at the winery
  • New and limited wines prior to release
  • No Membership fee

Wine Club shipments range from $35 – $50 (depending on the selection) When your wine is shipped, your card will be billed for the discounted wine, plus tax, and S/H.


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